Ace Hardware& Furniture started as a family enterprise and quickly grew into a thriving and dynamic presence in the hardware and building supply trade.

Employing dozens of local workers and spurring growth in the locality through pursuing its policies of supplying quality products at competitive pricing, providing opportunities for entrepreneurs and small businesses to gain a foothold in the retail industry throughout the surrounding areas, our outstanding vision quickly saw the company expand dramatically, making it a powerful and respected player in the building trade.

Our mission is to focus on the prime factors in advancing the momentum and structures of business enterprise locally and nationally through the principles of excellence, respect, and honesty, and by partnering with industry leaders able to implement and provide these ideals.

Our strategy is to focus on the implementation of policies through which we can achieve our goals, benefiting both our customers and ourselves in a win-win approach with business and trade leading the way as the winner outright and thus improving our country and society.